Sinsing land office established on February 1951. The former name of Sinsing land office was Kaohsiung City land office, responsible for the land administration affairs of whole Kaohsiung City. Due to the rapid development of Kaohsiung City and the increasing work, the "Yencheng land office" thus set up in 1975. After Yencheng land office set up, we changed our name to "Sinsing land office", in charge of Sinsing, Linya, Chenching, Sanmin Districts. In 1989, the "Sanmin land office" established, the Sanmin District was transferred to its management. Now Sinsing land office is in charge of the land administration affairs of Sinsing District and Lingya District, including 46 land sections, more than 60,000 lands, more than 106,000 buildings, total land area1073 acre.
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